Sunday, May 16, 2010


Blank page looking at me, I find it difficult to get inspired to even write about inspiration. I've been meaning to write this blog post for a while now, every time I go to do it I get discouraged. Where to start? Inspiration. Blank page please inspire me. I wait...Nothing. I think to myself: don't force it, be patient, inspiration will come when its ready...

Tonight it has come! I've been inspired to finally write about inspiration. And it's a good thing too cause my blog is in need of an update!

Inspiration is a funny thing. It's intuitive really I think. Some people say just look for it and you can find it but I find rather that it comes when I am actually not looking for it, when and where I am least likely to discover that hint, that tingling spark, that is when I discover inspiration.

Today I found inspiration looking at a tree. I was strolling solo through a forest (a girl can do that sometimes right?) and found myself in front of this huge and fantastic tree. I maybe stared at it for 10 minutes. My mind was swirling through ideas of possible shoots and stories based around this one tree. (ridiculous? maybe...probably)

Inspiration can come from anything anywhere. From nature, from people, from art, from music, from a time of day, from a smell, you name it. For me, I get a lot of my inspiration from people I see on the bus or on the street. Maybe it's the street photographer in me but I'm always looking at people when I go out and I find that often they can inspire me, whether it's because of their clothes/style or even just because of a certain mannerism or body language they carry. I always get a good kick out of pedestrians! (<-may have just classified/defined myself as a total creep).

Also, lately I've started an "inspiration box" where I collect images and textures/fabrics and theater scripts and songs and anything really that inspires me. Some items I save for reference of future shoots I have ideas for, it's a great way to remind me of the things I come up with when I first "get inspired." Also the box is good for when I feel uninspired or need some kind of kick to get my creative juices flowing; inspiration for a rainy day perhaps.

One thing important to mention is this: don't be a copy cat. To me, bluntly imitating another's work is like stabbing your own creativity in the heart. or back. whatever's worse.
Its easy to get caught up in inspiration, to let other's great ideas be so inspirational they take over your own. Inspiration is a starting point, it's important to remember that. If you've been inspired by a photo in a magazine lets say, the photo you've seen shouldn't be the end result, don't model your own work strictly by another's. Add your own thing. Be you and create something new out of that inspiration. That's the best part (and the point!) of inspiration -using it as fuel to create your own work of art!

In summary of my (possibly overwritten) blog post...
• Inspiration can come from anything, be open to it
• Don’t push it. Inspiration is intuitive, be patient and keep your senses open.
• Not in the post but…spend time immersed in things you love, they will usually inspire you. Some examples: music, good food, friends and family, (all those generic things) and some of my personal ones: Sun, cats, my sisters, the city, lychee martinis lately…gotta be careful with that one…and photography!!
• Try keeping an “Inspiration Box” full of items and photographs that inspire you. It can be good as reference for future shoots or also help to get you in a creative mood.
• Use your inspiration to create not imitate!

Enjoy and run free with your creativity!
Hope this has been helpful!

Maayan Z

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  1. you are incredibly inspirational!