Saturday, January 30, 2010

First Blog Post and Behind the Scenes on Doc prod.

This is officially my first blog post!

I was thinking it could be a good place to post outtakes from shoots I do, behind the scenes action, and any other little thinks and thoughts I have photo related.

Lets get right into it:

For the past few days I've been working with a film crew who has asked to feature me in a short documentary on the subject of honesty in art. We've been filming and doing audio interviews and stuff. It's been cool. Yesterday we shot some stuff in my studio and I managed to get a few behind the scenes shots in during filming.
Thought it'd be a good first post! Enjoy!


(we used an old wheelchair of mine, that I found in the dumpster, as a dolly)






Bolex cameras are so romantic. Aren't they pretty?!

-Maayan Z


  1. that is amazing maayan
    SOOOOOO proud of you!
    xo miss you,

  2. love it. really excited you have a blog!

  3. Great shots! LOVE the old cameras! Keep up the blog and doing what you're doing - it's inspiring!

  4. They are romantic- the cameras. And you- keep blogging I like it! :)