Sunday, March 28, 2010

social networking sites and street snippets

A year ago if you'd ask me I'd tell you I wasn't too keen on putting much more of me, past my photos, on the internet. Things have changed!

I'm learning social networking sites can be a great place to share work and connect with others and for a photographer that can be a really great thing!!

I've had a flickr for a while now but over the past few months I've slowly made my way through different sites, setting up my facebook, twitter, youtube, and blogspot. I've learned a lot of interesting things about how to work the net and am meeting a lot of cool people on the way! I'm slowly getting comfortable in the social net seas and yet I realized I've been neglecting tumblr.
I've seen some really cool tumblr accounts lately and it has inspired me!

Tonight (or this morning rather) I'm bravely venturing into tumblr territory.

As I spent some time today organizing my photo libraries, I came across a lot of older photos that I never really took any notice of and it gave me an idea...!

Classic Black and White street photography is a big love of mine and I've decided to dedicate my tumblr to it!

I thought tumblr would be a great place to share some of the street snippets I come across and so Everyday I am going to aim to post one candid street photo I've taken (whether new or old) and share them with you! I'll try my hardest to keep it up, and if I don't manage to post a new photo everyday, I promise I'll compensate with TWO the next day (or cupcakes if all else fails).

So here's to my experimental tumbling time!
Let me know how I do and if you have any suggestions!

Lots of Love.

Newly Tumbling,

Maayan Z

p.s. I've already posted my first photo! check it out here on my new tumblr!! (its the only place you can!)

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